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2012: The end times ? Empty 2012: The end times ?

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2012: The end times ? Nuke

Stephane Wuttunee: I'm not an alarmist. Though it is obvious that the world is coming to a head in terms of what it can handle socially, environmentally, and spiritually, I always focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. Trouble is, the tunnel seems to be lengthening these days, especially with the amount of attention and fervor people are giving to December 21st 2012 and its interpretation. Never mind that the Mayans themselves never prophesied an end to the world on December 21st, or that apocalyptic videos are everywhere on the Internet. Mostly it's people who have just learned about it that are making all the noise. People who have been studying it for a while are sitting back and watching the show.

I think most of us can agree that the last 25,000 years upon the Earth has been an extremely dark era. Yes, we have survived and thrived despite the trials afflicted upon us (by either Mother Nature or ourselves), but for the most part it has been by the skin of our behinds. One need only look at how frequently the entire world has been brought to nearly DEFCON 5 states of alert, where all it would has taken to reduce us to rubble is the simple twisting of a key and the pushing of a little red button.

So. The End Times. What are they? Well, first of all, having an "end" to time implies that there was once the beginning of time. And as far as I know, the only way that time can exist at all is via the rotation of our Earth on its axis and its subsequent revolution around the Sun. Time as we know it is measured by the hours separating light and darkness - by sunset and sunrise. Therefore, anything directly affecting the existence or our perception of sunrise and sunset (and therefore, the Earth's rotation itself) must directly affect time, thereby bringing about its End" (or our perception of it). Hmmm. Food for thought.

December 21st is also the darkest day of the year in terms of how short the days are in the northern hemisphere. Therefore, the darkest day at the end of a dark 25,000 year period symbolizes the tail end of something that has plagued us for millennia. And after its passing by into memory, what next? I think it is the return of something good. Something akin to Light. The return of Christ or a Christ consciousness? Mass extraterrestrial craft sightings and landings around the world? Whether one follows the Book of Revelations, the Mayan culture, or current New Age ideology, December 21st, 2012 has something to offer everyone, including Hollywood.

Consider that Roland Emmerich, an internationally well-known film director, is currently setting his chess peices across the board with studio execs to create his latest masterpiece; a 2012 movie with severe apocalyptic undertones.

In fact, this upcoming movie promises to occupy one spot behind The Titanic in terms of production costs, making it the second most expensive movie in history. And whether it's out of curiosity or boredom, like everyone else, I'll be curious as to what Emmerich and his team managed to come up with once it hits the box office in summer 2009. If almost as much money was spent on this than The Titanic, then it's bound to be good - computer CGI dramatizations aside. Hopefully there will be a good story.

The growing frenzy taking place around the 2012 phenomena does have a small island of stability: it isn't here yet.

Courtesy: http://unexplained-mysteries.com/viewnews.php?id=131831

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