have to send a message to every computer in the school

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have to send a message to every computer in the school Empty have to send a message to every computer in the school

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Net Send
This little trick will allow you to a send a message to every computer in the school. The command sends a message to everything on the network. Most likely all the computers in your school are on a network (I would be surprised if your school didn't). Anyways on to the teaching.

First open up DOS by click start, then run, then typing cmd and pressing ok. In the box that pops up you will type this net send command.

Syntax: Net Send ComputerName YourMessage

That would send the message to a sepecific computer, however to send it to all the computers you use * in the place of "ComputerName". Here is an example:

Net Send * the computer was h4x0red!

This will teach you how to Add and Delete login accounts on windows. Go in to DOS again.

Adding Users: Net User Username Password /ADD
Example: Net User Jim florida /ADD

Deleting Users: Net User Username /DELETE
Example: Net User jim florida /DELETE

Using Batch
Batch is a programming language that users the DOS commands. However you can code a program to do multible command when run. To start making batch programs type edit filename.bat and it will create the file in the folder your in, and then bring up an editing thing for batch. Then you can do net send in there 100 times if you want, or whatever. Just click file, save when your done.

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