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Post  artfhgtg on Sat Jun 25, 2011 3:51 pm

It was a same day in my complex. i was playing cricket with my friends on the roof of my building.there was another building in side of my complex.that was empty building because police sealed it.we was busy in our game.suddenly me and my friend mak (not real name) saw an image on that building.we suprised because we all know that it was sealed building and no one easily entered there.sudeenly the image disapeard.we hardly forget it.after few seconds that image is saw on my roof just front of all of us.we all are geted scared and ran from there because that spirit was looking very ugly and dangerous.it was female spirit.after some time we check that our mobiles are on the roof we put there during play the game.we all are sucked and scared and thinking that how to get our mobile phones.we all 8 boys goes to roof and we saw that there was many spirits on the roof some are male sprits and some are females.we all sought and again ran to ground floor and told full story to all peoples.they all adviced us that we forget that and some people goes to roof check all things and bring our cell phones.some of my friend was suffered from heavy fever and after some days everthing is goes normal that images we never saw but we never forget anything that was horrible...


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