Discovery Channel The Sphynx Unmasked

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Discovery Channel The Sphynx Unmasked

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 17, 2008 1:09 am

Sphinx unmasked strives to unlock the true origins, purpose and identity of the largest freestanding stone sculpture on Earth. For its 4,500 years of existence, the Sphinx has been shrouded in mystery. Now Egyptologist and Old Kingdom expert Dr. Vassil Dobrev of the French Institute in Cairo is on the verge of cracking its riddles. His theories encompass newfound work on the pyramid builders and powerfully reveal the pharaoh that time has somehow forgotten. As Dobrev’s plot unfurls, carefully crafted dramatizations, complemented by CGI from an award-winning special effects team, resurrect the Sphinx in all its former painted glory… and answer questions that have baffled Egyptologists for centuries.

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