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Origin of the Universe / The Origin of the Universe / 2008 / TVRip Empty Origin of the Universe / The Origin of the Universe / 2008 / TVRip

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Origin of the Universe / The Origin of the Universe / 2008 / TVRip 1224924728_pic_id54862

Information about the film
Name: Origin of the universe
Original name: The Of origin of of the Of universe
Year of the output: 2008
Genre: Documentary
Director: Arthur [Ualder] Smith
Cole… in CD|Type: 1 dvd
It is flooded to: rapidshare.com vip-file.com

On the film: In the films are cited the data of the contemporary science, which completely will be coordinated with the biblical view on the origin of peace. Especially it is possible to recommend for the school showing (in Vol. h. of Sunday schools), to instructors, to students, for the missionary- enlightenment activity.
Film is 1 origin of the universe: The universe - is the entire surrounding us infinite world. These are other planets and star, our planet the Earth, its plant and is animal, you and I - all these are universe, including is that are located beyond the limits of the Earth the outer space, planets, stars. This is material endlessly and edge, that takes the most diverse forms of its existence. The universe is infinite in the time and the space. Each particle of the universe originates its and end both in the time and in the space, but entire universe is infinite and eternal, since it is the eternally self-propelled material. Universe - this all existing. From the smallest specks and the atoms to the enormous accumulations of the substance of starry peaces and stellar systems. The universe, or space, consists of gigantic clusters of stars. These huge stellar systems are called the galaxies
Film is 2nd the age of the Earth: - According by this of radioisotope datings, the age of the Earth is 4,6-5 billion years. The remainders of plants and animals make it possible to learn the age of the rocks. Everything they heard about the coal period, when the largest layers in the territories, where now are located Donbass, Moscow area and many other regions, were formed. In the Volga Region large oil fields are concluded in the species, which were laid aside during the Devonian period, and the famous layers of phosphorites in South Kazakhstan were timed to the sediments of the seas of Cambrian period. Briefly stated, in the different time on the Earth different valuable minerals were laid aside. Therefore for their searches it is necessary to know how to learn, in what epoch the corresponding layers were laid aside and how they differ from the younger and more ancient sedimentary thicknesses
Film 3- the origin of the life: - The origin of life one of the central problems of natural science. Theologians and philosopher idealists (finalists, [kholisty], [organitsisty] and other) assert that the appearance of life is a result of the creative report of spiritual beginning, “highest intellect”, god. In contrast to this materialists consider that the life on its origin is material and arose natural of [putem] on the basis of the general laws of nature. However, ruled in the natural science at the end 19 beginning of 20 substances the mechanical materialism, which was being attempted to get to know life on the basis of the likening of organism to the machine (see mechanism), proved to be powerless to rationally solve problem p. zh. Only dialectical materialist approach to this problem opened way to its permission, what indicated [F]. Engels in “the dialectics of nature”.
Film 4 origin of the species: - Magmatic rocks were formed as a result cooling magma, and also as a result mining processes. As a result of the physical and chemical weathering they gradually were converted into the friable rocks. The crushed particles of the rocks were moved into the lowered parts of the earth's surface, where they were put aside, forming sedimentary rocks. If in the process of orogenesis they proved to be closely to the earth's surface, then under the action of chemical weathering formed [krupnoskeletnye] or fine dispersed ground. Ground builders call the upper layers of the crust of the weathering of lithosphere and carry rock, semirocky and friable rocks to them.
Film is 5th the origin of the man: - Composed the object of guesses from remote antiquity and led to the appearance in different peoples of the diverse myths, which assign the creation of the first people to the gods, who used for that stones, by the earth, by sea mucus, by these or other animals and so forth ancient Greek thinkers dispersed in the opinions relative to p. of the man: some were inclined to think that man was eternal, others - that it occurred by itself, by arbitrary origin from the sea silt and the like, the third - that it was created by gods from the inanimate material.
Film 6 of record of the fossilizations: - The cemeteries of fossilizations, discovered in the layers of the rocks throughout the world, are evidence of the global flood

It is released: Standart Of media Of int.
Duration: ~ the 00:29: 00 - 1 series
Transfer: Professional, single-voiced

Size: AVI
Quality: TVRip
Video: DivX, ~ 696 kbit/s, 640x480
Sound: 1 ch, 176 kbit/s
Size: 1.08 GB (1,161,421,296 bytes)

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