UFOs in Bay Sheg (2000) SATRip

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UFOs in Bay Sheg (2000) SATRip

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 16, 2008 10:29 pm

One of the most striking instances of contacts with UFOs, which saw many people, including police. Falling of UFO in bay Шег. The fall of UFOs in the Bay Sheg. That night the sky above Nova Scotia has been covered by set of strange fires. In the same night sky over Nova Scotia was littered with a lot of strange lights. Probably, this case of UFO the most unique. Perhaps the case most unique UFOs.
In 1968 the Ministry of Defence of the USA transferred 9 most perspective businesses of concerning UFOS including business about bay Шег (Shag) in the Canadian national committee on scientific researches for the serious analysis. In 1968, the U.S. Department of Defense transferred 9 most promising cases related to UFOs including the case of the Bay Sheg (Shag) in the Canadian National Committee for Scientific Research for serious analysis.
Later 15 years происшестиве in bay Шег (Shag) still wait офицального for investigation. After 15 years proisshestive Bay Sheg (Shag) still waiting for official investigations.

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