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In 2334 AD, a descendent of Albert Einstein attempts to separate the good
from evil in the building blocks of mankind - the human genome. As a
result of his experiments, Dr Norman creates two different types of cells,
which he names the Black and White angels. The Black angels give rise to
special human cyborgs called 'Createse', while the White angels give rise
to the 'Intelion'. Dr Norman's plans for a peaceful utopia free of evil
take a turn for the worst when his creations turn against one another and
mankind in a struggle for power and land. The Atrox War has begun.

Atrox is a real-time strategy game that recreates the final struggle for
power and allows you to play as either the Createse, Intelion or residual
human (Hominian) forces. Each race has unique characteristics, strategies
and advantages - as well as specific units. You can make extensive use of
the battle formation system, and will learn to look after your most
prestigious characters as they level up into highly skilled units.
When you have completed all 3 campaigns, try your hand at multi-player
with up to 8 people playing simultaneously.

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